PATHways Diabetes Program

Living a Healthy Life with Diabetes


“I was so discouraged and frustrated when my doctor told me I had diabetes, and had to lose weight and watch what I eat. I was hungry and the messages were confusing! “Eat low carb, no carb, low fat, no fat”. Until I attended the PATHways program and learned carbs are fuel for my body. Balancing healthy carbs with protein and healthy fat throughout the day, exercise, taking my pills and coping with stress helps control my blood sugars. I joined the exercise classes – it's fun and motivating too.”

Youville’s PATHways diabetes program helps adults with Type 2 diabetes identify personal goals and make healthy choices for eating, physical activity, and coping with stress. Our program helps you learn how to live a healthy life with diabetes; and prevent heart and blood vessel disease. Support is offered for you to make healthy changes and reach your goals.

Youville’s PATHways program offers:   

  • free diabetes education and health coaching to suit your needs;
  • flexible scheduling,  daytime and evening programming available, and individual and group sessions;
  • access to diabetes nurses, dietitians, and counsellors;
  • information to help prevent health problems related to diabetes, including heart health education.

Contact Youville St. Vital Community Health Centre at 204-255-4840 for more information, or to book an appointment.