Counselling Program

Managing diabetes can be difficult on your own

Joe is 58 years old. He recently retired from his job and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He has struggled with his weight for years, has tried every fad diet and nothing has worked. His wife of 30 years has also been diagnosed with lung cancer and he has very few supports to help him cope with the stress he is feeling. His doctor advised him that he needs to get his blood sugars down, and shared some of the complications that can result. Joe was scared and didn’t know what he could do to better manage his diabetes. Counseling helped Joe understand the barriers to making changes and how to better manage his stress and his diabetes. Joe was able to set goals for himself, reduce his emotional eating and find better ways of taking care of himself. Joe is now feeling more in control of his diabetes and has the confidence and resources to cope with his life.

Youville Diabetes Centre Counselling Program aims to:

  • provide an opportunity for clients to share their stories;
  • encourage a better understanding of the obstacles to engaging in healthy behaviors;
  • help clients learn to recognize our capacity to face life’s challenges;
  • promote a healthy life balance; and
  • share strategies that foster better self management of diabetes and general mental health and well being.

By participating in Youville Diabetes Centre Counseling Program, you will:

  • be heard;
  • be offered respect and compassion;
  • learn to identify and express your feelings effectively;
  • explore strategies that promote healthy coping and diabetes self-management skills; and
  • discover an increased sense of resilience

Youville Diabetes Centre Counseling Program is important because::

  • it provides individual support to men and women (18+) living with type 1 & 2, as well as gestational diabetes in the community;
  • there is no cost;
  • ​doctor, nurse practitioner or health professional referral preferred but self-referral also accepted;
  • services are delivered in a safe, community setting; and
  • it focuses on the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

Contact ​us for more information.  (204) 233-0262