Who We Are - Youville Diabetes Centre

Education, empowerment, and expertise

“When I was diagnosed with diabetes seven years ago, my doctor gave me medication and instructions to test my blood sugar and to stop eating carbs.  I went online and read articles to educate myself, but I became more confused.  My neighbour told me about Youville Diabetes Centre and I asked my doctor to refer me.  I appreciated their extensive knowledge of diabetes and patience with my many questions.  I now feel like I know how to live with my diabetes each day. "



At Youville Diabetes Centre, we:

  • assist clients in self-managing their diabetes on a day-to-day basis - with confidence;
  • assist clients in preventing and managing diabetes complications


Who we help

Youville Diabetes Centre provides education and resources to adults in the Winnipeg Health Region who are living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes ​and taking medication (pills, insulin or other injectables); and women with pre-existing diabetes who are pregnant or who develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy.


What we offer:

Youville Diabetes Centre is centrally located, with free parking and evening access.

The Youville diabetes care team includes: Certified Diabetes Educators (Registered Nurses and Registered Dietitians); a  counsellor; and foot care specialists (nurse and podiatrist).  Individual appointments and group education sessions are available.  Services include: 

  • Individual appointments with Certified Diabetes Educators;
  • Insulin starts (in partnership with primary care providers or other medical specialists);
  • Interactive diabetes group education sessions;
  • Counselling services;
  • Young Adult Program (YAP) for ages 18-25 years old with Type 1 diabetes, with endocrinologist, Certified Diabetes Educators, and a counsellor; and
  • Foot care services (at cost)

How do I become a client of Youville Diabetes Centre?

Within a team-based approach, referrals for persons living in the Winnipeg Health Region must come from primary care providers, endocrinologists, and/or other medical specialists.

For more information, please call (204) 233-0262