Foot Care

Caring for You and Your Feet!

By participating in Youville’s Foot Care program, you will:

  • be seen by an experienced foot care nurse;
  • receive a thorough foot assessment;
  • learn how to care for your feet;
  • learn how to inspect, clean, and protect your feet and prevent complications;
  • receive nail and skin care; and
  • be referred to the right health professional promptly if needed.


Youville’s Foot Care program:

  • Provides care to people who have difficulty looking after their feet;
  • Can help you maintain your mobility and prevent potential complications;
  • Can help you learn more about how to care for your feet and skin.
  • Is offered at a cost.

Contact Youville Diabetes Centre at 204-233-0262 for more information, rates or to book an appointment.


Contact Youville St Vital Community Health Centre at 204-255-4840 for more information, rates or to book an appointment at that location.