Our Promise to You

Our services are:

  • Respectful: We treat you as an individual, a relative and strive to tailor our services to incorporate your values, beliefs and ways of being:
  • Collaborative: We work alongside you to help you achieve your goals!
  • Confidential: We keep your information private and safe and share it only with your permission.
  • Grounded in Reconciliation and Equity: We are focused on embedding the TRC Calls to Action and the MMIWG2S Calls for Justice throughout our organization and working towards equitable service delivery and system transformation.

Our staff teams are:

  • Knowledgeable. We make sure we are keeping up to date on the education and skills and technology needed to provide high quality supports and services
  • Innovative. We do our best to offer programs and services that are unique and take the best learnings from research, practice and lived experiences
  • Kind: We want everyone to feel seen, heard and cared about.

Our facilities are:

  • Welcoming: We are friendly, easy-going and want everyone to feel at ease and welcome in our spaces.
  • Easy to access. We work to make our buildings and services barrier free.
  • Culturally Safe: We strive to ensure folks from all social locations, cultures, backgrounds and experiences can feel safe in our presence and in our site. We are a smudge-friendly site and have traditional Indigenous medicines available as part of your care.

The Centre offers a regional program in a central location for all Winnipeggers to access. The Centre is five minutes from downtown and easily reached by bus or car. There is ample free parking for the people we serve and their families.