Community Engagement

Working together for community wellness and strength! 

The purpose/goal of Youville’s Community Engagement Program is to connect.


Connect with community members, other organizations,  local businesses, schools and key stakeholders to build on strengths, build networks and create solutions to issues and concerns in the communities we serve.


For us that is geographic - the community of St. Vital, but ALSO demographic: those living with Diabetes and those who are between the ages of 12-29 and their families, folks who have faced historical/current barriers to accessing safe care.

Youville’s Community Engagement Program:


  • is focused on working directly with members of the community to build on their strengths and listen to their voices!
  • looks at gaps and needs in the community; 
  • coordinates resources and information (like tours of Youville or health education presentations)

Contact our Community Engagement Coordinator at Youville Centre (204) 255-4840 for opportunities and partnerships!