Who We Are - Youville St. Vital Community Health Centre

Working with you for better health


“No one has ever been this nice to me” was the comment made by an 18 year old girl who had been brought to Youville crying and asking for help. She had been picked up on a street corner by a woman who noticed she was crying. The woman had been to Youville in the past and knew Youville would help her. The girl had recently come to Winnipeg and was looking for work, she had been kicked out of a relative’s home and her boyfriend was in jail. She didn’t know where to turn. Youville staff connected her to resources and supports.
- Client

Youville St Vital Community Health Centre is a place where you are listened to and can work on your health concerns with a knowledgeable team of health professionals. We believe that health includes the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. Factors such as shelter, education, food and income impact on your health. Whether you need health care, wellness education, or counselling and support we will help you become a healthier you. We also work with the community to make it a healthier place to live.

Check out our diverse mix of culturally sensitive programs and services:

  • Ask a Nurse
  • Baby & Me / Young Ex
  • Counselling
  • Foot Care
  • PATHways for Diabetes
  • Seniors Programs
  • Teen Clinic

For more information, contact Youville St. Vital Community Health Centre at (204) 255-4840