Foot Care

Caring for You and Your Feet!


Sandra was having trouble walking.  Fortunately, she saw a foot care nurse at Youville to check out the callus on her foot.  The foot care nurse did an assessment, trimmed her toe nails, and treated the callous.  The nurse referred Sandra to a podiatrist who prescribed custom orthotics.  She also taught Sandra how to inspect and care for her feet to prevent future issues.  Sandra is now able to walk comfortably and without pain. 

The goal of Youville’s Foot Care program is to help prevent foot complications and provide affordable, low-cost foot care services to those unable to care effectively for their own feet.

By participating in Youville’s Foot Care program, you will:

  • be seen by an experienced foot care nurse;
  • receive a thorough foot assessment;
  • learn how to care for your feet;
  • learn how to inspect, clean, and protect your feet and prevent complications;
  • receive nail and skin care; and
  • be referred to the right health professional promptly if needed.


Youville’s Foot Care program is important because it:

  • provides care to people who can no longer look after their own feet;
  • helps you maintain your mobility and prevent potential disability;
  • reduces risk of complications like foot ulcers and amputations;
  • teaches you how to care for your feet and skin; and
  • serves as another set of eyes to catch issues with your feet.

Contact Youville Diabetes Centre at 204-233-0262 for more information, rates or to book an appointment.

Contact Youville St Vital Community Health Centre at 204-255-4840 for more information, rates or to book an appointment.