Seniors Programming

Healthy Aging

Getting older always seemed to be something that other people had to deal with. As a teen Jay could eat what he wanted, drink what he wanted and never have to worry about weight. Jay also never worried about any of the aches and pains he felt, as it generally didn’t take long for the pains to go away. Now in his 50’s Jay’s doctor has told him that without making changes he is at risk for a heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. He also finds that many of the old injuries/pains are not going away. He has noticed that there seems to be lots of health information out there, but much of it is confusing to him. While he has a good relationship with his doctor, sometimes it is difficult to get in, or he doesn’t feel the doctor has the time to spend with him. Jay is just not sure where to turn.

Our older adult programs are here to help you make sense of your health, so that you can make the best decisions for your well-being. By becoming involved in our programs you will:

  • be provided an opportunity to discuss your health concerns;
  • feel that someone is listening to your concerns;
  • have a better understanding of your health;
  • have the ability to make decisions based on current recommendations or guidelines.

To find out more about Youville’s programs for older adults call today 204-255-4840