Our Promise to You

Our service is:

  • Compassionate. We work with you in a caring, and helpful way.
  • Respectful. We treat you as an individual, with your own values and beliefs.
  • Courteous. We welcome you warmly and help you feel at ease. We are friendly and sincere. We work to go beyond what you expect.
  • Empowering. We help you get the knowledge, skills, and support you need to help yourself.
  • Confidential. We keep your information private and safe.

Our staff is:

  • Knowledgeable. We have the education and skills needed to provide high quality care.
  • Innovative. We offer programs and services that are up-to-date, and based on current research.

Our facilities are:

  • Welcoming. We keep our centre comfortable, safe and clean.
  • Easy to access. We work to make our buildings and services barrier free.