Counselling Program

Everybody Needs Someone to Talk to

Jean is 53 years old. She divorced after 27 years of marriage. Her children and grandchild live away.  Jean struggles with weight, has fibromyalgia and lives with chronic pain related to injuries from a car accident. She has had a hard time concentrating at work. She has a few friends but doesn’t see them often because money is tight. Jean sleeps and eats poorly, cries often and feels worried about everything. Counselling helped Jean become more self-aware, discover her strengths and access other resources. She is more confident in problem-solving and motivated to take better care of herself.

Youville’s Counselling Program aims to:

  • provide an opportunity for clients to share their stories;
  • encourage a better understanding of ourselves and others;
  • help clients learn to recognize our capacity to face life’s challenges;
  • promote a healthy life balance; and
  • share strategies that enable personal growth.

By participating in Youville’s counselling program, you will:

  • be heard;
  • be offered respect and compassion;
  • learn to identify and express your feelings effectively;
  • explore strategies that promote healthy coping and problem-solving skills; and
  • discover an increased sense of resilience

Youville’s counselling program is important because:

  • it provides individual support to men, women and youth (+14) in the community;
  • there is no cost;
  • self-referrals are accepted;
  • services are delivered in a safe, community setting; and
  • it focuses on the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

Contact Youville St. Vital  for more information.  (204) 255-4840