Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission


Youville creates safe spaces for the delivery of health supports that address health inequities and nurture healing.


Our Vision


Achieving optimal individual and community health and well-being for all.


Our Values


We respect all people and work together with those we serve.


We offer a safe and supportive environment where people can strive for wellness as they define it.


We journey alongside those we serve in a spirit of compassion  by seeking to prevent injustice and promote equity. 



We collaborate with those we serve and other agencies/partners to build on community strengths and identify and address unmet needs.



We seek innovative ways to support individual and community wellness through relevant health service, education, practice wisdom, community voice and research.



We are accountable and responsible to those we serve, our partners and communities.


Our Strategic Pillars and Objectives:


Meeting the Needs of Priority Groups


Identifying & Engaging Priority Groups


Growing Anti-Oppression & Decolonizing Approaches


Creating Opportunities for Experiential Voice


Fostering Strong Partnerships


Enhancing Diabetes Excellence


Minimizing Barriers to Diabetes Care & Self-Management


Enhancing System Capacity Through Supporting Agencies & Health Care Practitioners


Providing Learning Opportunities


Supporting Wholistic Wellness


Enhancing Substance Use Supports & Harm Reduction


Making Mental/Spiritual/Emotional Wellness 'Universal' in healthcare


Supporting Growth


Building Youville's Human Capital Through Engagement, Retention and Development


Supporting Growth & Innovation by Strategically Seeking Funding Opportunities